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Kate001 2Kate Castle

It all began 2008 when Kate Castle was camping in Dorset. Fed up with trekking across a dark wet campsite to go to the toilet she realised there had to be a better option. Reluctant to purchase a bulky chemical based toilet and finding nothing more suitable she decided it was time to come up with a better option. It took two years to get the product to market but by 2010 BoginaBag was selling well and receiving some fantastic press. Keen to move the product forward Kate took the decision in 2011 to enter the "Dragons Den." After a two-hour grilling and three offers she walked away with a new business partner and the dragon she wanted. In 2012 a new umbrella brand emerged "Gear to Go" that would encompass all new lines. 2012 also saw the company receive two small business awards and Kate continues to feature in business publications and lecture on taking a product from idea to market. See the Invention workshop tab for more information on this.

Kate Castle lives in Winchester with her partner and two children. She balances her time between managing the business and looking after her children. Her interests include camping, cooking and watching trashy telly! "There is nothing more exciting than seeing your idea come alive and develop into a vibrant and growing brand." Kate

kirstenKirsten-Ria Squibb

Kirsten-Ria Squibb joined Gear to Go in May 2013. She provides PA support to Kate, helps out with sales and manages all social media. Kirsten lives at home with her parent's, two brothers and her boyfriend of four years. She is Interested in photography, video games and movies. "I love working at Gear to Go! It's a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, help with new ideas and be part of a growing business!" Kirsten

theoTheo Paphitis

Theo Paphitis joined the team in late 2011 after Kate accepted his offer to purchase 30% of the business on the BBC series Dragons Den. Theo and his team continue to be involved and have helped to guide and grow the business. "BoginaBag is a great product but there is so much more to come from Gear to Go, with new products and markets the next couple of years will be significant in securing the future of this young brand" Theo Paphitis.

lisaLisa MacKenzie-Brown

Lisa MacKenzie-Brown is a management accountant/ bookkeeper and she spends one to two days a fortnight at Gear to Go. She lives in Twyford with her partner and daughter and enjoys travelling and keeping fit. "I have enjoyed working with Kate – seeing the business at the early stages prior to Dragons Den and watching it grow. It has been very interesting and I feel as if I have been a tiny part of it." Lisa

ianIan & Lesley Soulsby

Ian & Lesley Soulsby became investor's in BoginaBag before it even reached the market and it was their initial support and funding that made it become a reality. They may be "silent" partners but with a wealth of business experience and Ian's varied legal background they are often called on for advice! "I have always seen the market for Boginabag and it has been amazing being involved over the last four years."

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