Best Caravan Washing Machines UK 2023

Best Portable Washing Machine For Caravan

Are you looking for a portable washing machine for your caravan? This post will help you find the best one. We have compiled a list of all the essential features to look out for and researched the top models on offer so that you don’t need to do any work! Get into camping mode with … Read more

Best Small Microwave UK

best small microwave uk

What to do when you live in a small home or apartment and need a microwave oven? This blog post will help you find the best small microwaves for your needs. We have researched and found the top 6 smallest microwaves on the market. We hope this list will make it easier for you to … Read more

Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ Review

Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ 3-in-1 Flatbed Combination Microwave Oven

There are many models in the market you can choose from when purchasing a new microwave. The flatbed microwaves are unique appliances, which are used for cooking food like the solo models. They offer different cooking and heating capacity and are easy to clean. The flatbed microwaves use advanced technology to allow even cooking of … Read more

Sharp R861SLM Microwave Oven Review

Sharp R861SLM 25 Litre Capacity Microwave Oven

In today’s article, we will review the Sharp R861SLM flatbed microwave oven. This microwave from Sharp is one of the affordable brands in the market right now and boasts a sleek appearance. It is a combination microwave, which is suitable for regular use with plush features that makes cooking as easy as ABC. Read on … Read more

Russell Hobbs ‎RHFM2001B Review

Russell Hobbs ‎RHFM2001B Review

Today, we will review the Russell Hobbs ‎RHFM2001B flatbed microwave oven. If you are looking to buy this model, you must check this first to make your decision-making process more effective. Pros: Flatbed automation allows for easy cleaning and removal of debris. Offers a 19-litre capacity, a space enough to handle large dishes and plates … Read more

Hotpoint MWH2621MB Review

Hotpoint MWH2621MB Review

In this article, we will review the Hotpoint MWH2621MB flatbed microwave oven. And try to find out if this is a good oven for you or not. Pros 10 power levels for maximum effectiveness. 26-litre capacity to take care of all your cooking tasks. Touch control panel to boost flexibility. Flatbed technology for even, accurate … Read more

Best Sharp Microwave Oven UK

Sharp R82STMA Combination Grill Microwave Oven

A lot of people are wondering whether Sharp is a good microwave brand. For some, they want to know because they just bought one and need to know if it’s good or not. Others might be thinking about buying a new microwave and don’t know which one to buy. This post will help you decide … Read more

Best 500W Microwave Ovens UK

best 500w microwave oven UK

We all know that cooking on a camping trip can be difficult, to say the least. There are many things that need to be considered when it comes to preparing food in such an environment, and one of these is power usage. This is why finding the right type of microwave oven for your needs … Read more

Best 900w Microwave UK

Best 900w Microwave UK

A 900W microwave is a great choice for cooking food quickly and efficiently. They are powerful, which means they cook food more evenly than lower-wattage models, also tend to have a larger capacity, so you can cook more dishes at once. However, 900W microwaves typically cost significantly more than other models with less power. If … Read more

Best 1000w Microwave Oven UK

1000w microwave oven reviews

A 1000W microwave is known for cooking food very efficiently and quickly. Most of these models are combination microwaves, even though there are exceptions. Essentially, if you want a microwave, which cooks food evenly and you are willing to spend more money, a 1000W microwave can be the best option. If you are looking for … Read more